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Account Types

Choose Wisely!

At XProTrade we acknowledge that each trader has different needs and level of experience. Whatever are your needs and experience we believe that we have the right account for you.

Tailor-Made accounts can be arranged on demand.

Xpro- Cent Accounts

Get the most benefit out of every cent in your account!

Deposit 10 dollars and your account will have a balance of 1000 cents, deposit 100 dollars and they will be reflected as 10000 cents! This means that you have more margin to trade with less risk!

Why Open a Xpro- cent Account?

With a minimum deposit of only USD 10, our Cent Account provides quick and easy access to the markets and live trading

Traders can test their skills and Expert Advisors without spending large sums of money to do so.

Cent accounts are ideal for newbies - they give a taste of the real forex trading with real funds and insight to the psychology behind the experience, with a much lower risk associated!

The trading conditions are the same as the other XproTrade accounts, however keep in mind that the profits and losses are in cents and not in EUR or USD .

Cent accounts are available in EUR (cents) and USD (cents) and Balance or credit should be devided to 100 in order to calculate the actual USD or EUR.

*1 USD = 100 U.S cent

*1 EUR= 100 EU cent